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Awesome debut novel!!

Ignite - R.J. Lewis

My review should just say 


It is that good. Just read it.

Part 1 has ALL the feels. You get Sara instantly. You feel for her, you can identify with her and you want to protect her. So when Jaxon comes along he, just as instantly, becomes that guy (well kid). You cant help but love him. He protected her.



The relationship development is spectacular. Jaxon is just beyond perfection. He, quite simply loves Sara deeply. And on they go building a life together. 


This would be all well and good. The end, happy ever after bitches. But then Sara gets all crazy in her head and things quickly go to shit. I get it. She was young and had issues,but I still wanted to cut a bitch.




Part 2 is just as good. Damn you with the twists, turns and surprises. I have to say- some things I simply did not see coming. Which I LOVE. I loved me some angry Jaxon. The character development was excellent and I appreciated the "realness" of the situation.

I'm not going to write about any spoilers....except this one little thing... Jade-fucking-Smith, Jaxon? Dude, that was low!


Loved the ending and hope Burn delivers because this was a solid 5 stars for me.


Damn....that was GOOD!!

Raw - Belle Aurora

Yes! I give it 5 stars. Was it writing perfection?...no. I could pick the writing style apart a bit, there were some errors, the plot wasn't super complicated but all in all I absolutely loved it. It was simply entertaining, which is why I could easily give it 5 stars. It has all the emotions AND I laughed out loud quite a few times. Serious Perk-laughter!! I should point out though, this is not a dark read. I probably give a 2 on a 1-10 scale.
You're either going to love or hate Lexi, she is just THAT girl. That ditsy, dorky, not so quick on the uptake, girl. I think my inner dork identified with her and she didn't bother me at all. BUT she will make or break the story for some.
I die for Twitch. Loved him, swoon for him, want to take him home and make him mine.'Nuff said.
Now I read a couple reviews that criticized Lexi's inability to not figure certain things out, but in all fairness  Lexi knew Twitch when she was 6!!! in another COUNTRY! Maybe I am a dumb dumb too, because I probably wouldn't think my stalker would be my next door neighbor that I talked to ONCE in my life when I lived in another COUNTRY. Just sayin'. I am pretty certain it was the authors intent for the reader to know exactly who Twitch was and exactly what he did to her. I don't think she was trying to make it this big "ah ha" moment.
I loved all the characters, the writing was witty and heart felt..and well, raw at times. My most hated thing happened,the unplanned pregnancy and I thought I was going to lose my shit and be pissed about it, but then she went and messed up all my emotions and I don't even hate her for it.
The ending, well damn, you had me at hello with that ending. I wanted to slap someone silly when I finished. What's worse is that it can go either way- standalone or Part 2. My vote is clear...Give me more!!


Carter Reed - Tijan

DNF at 49%...Why? Let me explain...

First of all the cover is super hot and the blurb intriguing. Emma shoots someone to protect her roommate which leads her to Carter Reed. That's the long and short of it. Here's what your missing:

A back story. Apparently there is one, but I was given so few details about it that I have a hard time believing the connection between Emma and Carter. There was nothing that made me care about either one of them.


Emma isn't the brightest crayon on the box and Carter's character doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. He is the "Cold Killer" but all you really know about him is that he owns a ton of property, has a lot of money and is always leaving to do something "important", while mumbling a few words here and there. He has about a dozen body guards who pretty much treat protecting him like he is the President of the United States.

Little character development coupled with a choppy story line that I had to force myself to pay attention to left me feeling sleepy (aka bored) all the time.

I think this could use another round of editing and fleshing out. There were many inconsistencies within the story. She was wearing a dress, but he took off her pants. Things like that. When it happens once, no big deal, but when you are noticing it more than once you begin to feel like the author did a rush job on the story.

I'm disappointed because I thought that this had a lot of potential and I was excited to read it, but I just don't have it in me to continue.

Must Read!!

Can't Have You - CozItRunsInMyBlood

Wowza!!! I need a minute before I review... My words at the moment wouldn't do this story justice. Will review soon...

I'd like to say that I am a fairly open minded person when it comes to the stories I read and just in life in general. With that in mind, I went in to this story with an open mind as always. I haven't read anything about this particular topic before, but I wasn't opposed to it either. With that said, I 100% stand behind and recommend this story!
We all know what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not, but the beauty of the writing is that half way through the lines begin to blurr and you begin to hope for the wrong, hope for the unacceptable in favor of their happiness. And that to me is what makes a great story- when an author can push your mind to see something differently, push your own boundaries.
I can't wait to read the conclusion of CHY... But I am waiting until it is complete because I can't torture myself waiting to read week by week.
For those of you interested in reading a great story you can find it here...



Did it make me a little squeamish in the beginning-- hell, yes!! Was it sooo worth it-- hell, yes!! Do yourself a favor and read it!!!

Deeply moving...A Must Read

Life of the Party - Christine  Anderson

At this moment I have not finished the book yet- I'm at 96%, but I can tell you without finishing that this is one of the most powerfully haunting books I have read in a long while and I have NO IDEA why more people are not reading it and loving it.This is without question a 5 star read-I knew that at 50%. 

Is this an easy read? No. Not at all. Reading about someone spiraling out of control in a drugged out haze is never pleasant-its gritty, raw and pretty gruesome. But its not all bad. The inspiration that comes at the end is beautifully written and wonderfully done. 

This book is seriously amazing! I don't have enough words to properly express how much I loved it. I highly recommend...but make sure you have a box of tissues because your emotions will be left raw. It is powerfully intense and doesn't hold back, you'll feel things you didn't expect to. Enjoy!!

** To all my Kindle reader friends....this is not out as an e-book for Kindle. I bought it on Smashwords and opened it in Kindle.

A Pound of Flesh...

*Loud sigh*
I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!I seriously feel like I cant read ONE.MORE.WORD. But, I did it! I finished. 




I'm going to keep this short and sweet. This story had tons and tons of potential but became bogged down by the copious amount of sex and just the overall length of the story itself.

Phrases I could do without reading over and over again....Your mine, I'm yours, I'm so close, No, I'm so close.You get the point.

I gave this 4 stars simply because the writing and story is so good. With an editors touch this is no question a 5 star read but at the end...I was just soooooo done with everything because I felt like I had been reading forever. I enjoyed both characters and was soooo thankful that there was no immature game playing etc. It is a great story that just needs to be whittled down a bit.

Reading progress update: I've read 45%

Pound of Flesh - jaxon22

 OH WOW!!! THAT was a moment. *heart races*"

Addicted to You  - Becca Ritchie, Krista Ritchie

** I received a copy of Addicted to You in exchange for an honest review. (I purchased it as well)

This one stumped me and it took me a while to decide on a rating. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. The story itself is unique and hasn't been over done. I have never read a story about a girl who was legit addicted to sex, so for the most part I was intrigued.
Enter Lily. Lily is my biggest issue with this story. She comes across way to self-absorbed, spoiled and a little bit entitled. Yes, her behavior is absolutely trashy and slutty. It just is. She is an addict.to sex. You can't be addicted to sex without being slutty. I could get past that-but I couldn't get past her enabling and constant excuses. I couldn't understand why anyone wanted to help her because she didn't have much of a personality and little redeeming qualities. I just couldn't wrap my head around her but most of the time I just wanted her to leave.



I couldn't find it within myself to feel bad for her. As she said, there was no reason for why she did what she did. She started one day because it made her feel good. And that was that. She really never displayed a willingness or want to get better...not until the very last second and then it was like "yeah, OK, I can do this." She just wasn't my cup of tea. Per se.
Lo on the other hand, I liked. He, and the other cast of characters, held the story together for me. He truly displayed a willingness to want to change and become a better person. His character was likeable and I truly wanted to see him succeed. I believed that he loved Lily and wanted to make their relationship work.
The story had its predictable moments- I would have liked a few more surprises, but still, it was well written. The flow was good, not really steamy or hot because Lily always made me feel like everything was so mechanical....a means to an end, so I couldn't get into anything between Lo and Lily. Maybe that was the point.
And let me just say, I loved Conner as a character. He was needed to cut the seriousness of the story. Ryke- it took me about 2.3 seconds and I knew exactly who he was. But still, a good addition.
At the end of the day- I will recommend this book, is it for everyone? Probably not. But its worth the shot. I will also read the sequel because I am curious to see where life has taken them.

Under the Apple Tree....

At page 358

Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters

Tears of Tess has so much hype surrounding it that I thought for sure I would love it...at the very least, like it. Sorry everyone. I can't even say that I liked it. Aside from the plot having gigantic holes in it, I couldn't connect with Tess at all.

I kept reading in the hopes that something would change. But finally, half way through, I realized that Tess is just one huge moron and she will never change her moronic ways.I just had to face the sad fact that I am going to be among the very few that simply did not get this book. 

Lets start with Tess.This girl could literally talk herself out of breathing. The ENTIRE book from the first page was her going back and forth and back and forth. There was no rest from this insanity. From sentence to sentence she would change her mind-DRASTICALLY! From one extreme to the other.  I.WANTED.TO.KILL.HER.

You cant say that Tess is "strong", a "fighter" than have her act like a total headcase on the inside. I still have no idea what Tess stands for..or who she even is, for that matter. I could not get past this. Her choices in the times of duress where just ridiculous, even if you are "strong" and a "fighter" at some point your brain has to tell you that you need to just CHILL and gather yourself. Nope...not Tess, she would make these dumb decisions than berate herself for making them. And so begins the cycle of the back and forth bullshit. Her relationship with Q was odd....it wasn't believable because the author didn't give me believable characters. She didn't put enough effort into their back story...the epilogue about Q should have been the prologue. At least then some kind of understanding came-but by the end I really didn't care.


And let me just touch on some of the gems that come from this book...


"He maintained the hair down there just like he did his head. A subtle shadow of masculinity without any wildness." - Ummm, glad we could clear that up because I totally expected a bush of wildness. *Gags*


"He never closed his eyes and pale green irises made me feel as if I entered a wood glen where naughty fairy men took advantage of fair maidens." -LOLs girl, LOLs.



Bottom line there just wasn't enough depth for me to care about any of these characters. I know I'm one of the crazy ones that didnt like it, but this book was just not for me. 


Make it stop...

Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters

This is bad. Really,bad. And by bad I mean, I've wasted hours of my life that I will never get back on this crap. Sorry...

Ugh!! Seriously, I can't take the stupidity!

Tears of Tess  - Pepper Winters


at 47%

Utterly Enjoyable!

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves

How can I give this less than 5 stars?? Everything was pretty much perfect. The story: perfect, Writing: yep, perfect, the warm and tingly feelings: once again, perfect.  I loved the way the story was seamlessly advanced from year to year and moment to moment. The pace was...hmmmm...lets see, perfect?

I also was impressed with the moments that made me laugh....and I mean really laugh. You dont expect to laugh all that much when it comes to this kind of story-but I did and it made me love it even more!!

Ugly Tears ALERT!!

When It Rains - Lisa De Jong


"I've spent two years waiting for the sun, and all I've needed was him. "


When I choose a book to read I usually just read a few sentances of the blurb and see what my friends have rated it...I like to go in to it blind-if I can. Let me tell you...I was blind with this one. I had no idea the emotional toll this story would take.


This is a story of forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love, heartbreaking loss and learning to LIVE.


I am not going to say much because I don't want to give anything away. I will say that at 30% I figured out how the story would go...and usually I am disappointed and lose interest when I do that. BUT this is so well written that I continued on and am glad that I did.


Asher and Kate were beautiful together. Some of their moments were inspiring and some left me gutted...totally emotionally spent.



My biggest issue was the end. I knew that would happen...It just didnt sit well with me. Something about it was really off - I guess I am just conflicted about it. I almost feel it was rushed and didn't need to go in that specific direction so quickly.  Kate and Asher's relationship was developed so well....there were so many feels when it came to them...But to suck Beau in to it and expect me to have any kind of feeling for him....just didn't really happen. I didn't dislike him- I didn't like him...I had zero thoughts when it came to him. Not enough development for me.

I settled on 4 stars because the writing is fantastic, especially when faced with these tough subjects.






When It Rains - Lisa De Jong

I kind of hate when I figure out the main plot twist before it even happens....takes all the fun out of it. Maybe I'm wrong, I hope I am...but I don't think so.


One big FAT disappointment!

Perfection (Neighbor from Hell #2) - R.L. Mathewson
Bah! I wanted to love it, I wanted to swoon- but I didn't. I adored the first book, Playing for Keeps and I went into Perfection hoping to have those same feelings all over again. Yeah, didn't happen. I get the gist of these books, the "message" the author is trying to send. But this time around it was just way too much.Too forced.Trevor is a douche.Sorry, he is. He treats Zoe like crap pretty much the entire first half of the book. That doesn't make me warm and tingly inside. Just a few things that add to his doucheyness-yes, I made up that word especially for him- are when his "buddies" are standing around making fun of Zoe because she is fat and he doesn't say anything because he doesn't want them to think he cares and have them start making fun of him too. Ummm, ok, I'm sorry but I don't know any grown real men that would make fun of a woman because she is overweight. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe it's because we aren't in the 6th grade anymore... Whatever it is, this was extremely shitty of him. It becomes pretty clear to Trevor early on that Zoe is basically starving herself to lose weight. So of course, he says nothing to her about it. He doesn't address it until after she passes out and after his uncle has already talked to her about it. What a guy!! By the way, during this time he's already had sex with her on multiple occasions. He doesn't really acknowledge her in any way outside of the bedroom, which to me, isn't even being a friend. More like being embarrassed to talk to her. So even when their relationship starts to progress I have a hard time buying it. 
My biggest issue is the ridiculous over use of the words "plain", "plump", "curvy", "average" etc. I was so beaten over the head about Zoe's supposed short comings that I started thinking she was a fat dogface.
 It took until 70% for a word like "beautiful" to be used in a positive way to describe Zoe. Even after numerous bouts of hot sex Zoe is still extremely self conscience about Trevor seeing her naked in, the always feared, natural light! Oh the horror!
Her self esteem is non existent and I just feel pretty terrible for her almost the whole book. The author made sure you wouldn't forget that Zoe is totally NOT anything that Trevor would be attracted to and that she indeed is FAT.
Did Trevor redeem himself in the end? Meh, maybe. I just wasn't buying it.
Last little nit picky thing. The covers for this book. The first one is plain and totally generic. The second is displaying a guy and a girl embracing. Her back is pretty much the cover and what do you know... It's toned and not displaying an ounce of fat on it. Ummmm, one of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong.
There was some really cute and funny moments throughout the book. And the Bradford appetite is still staggering. This author knows how to deliver some steamy moments, but all the derogatory thoughts about Zoe's body got in the way. I'll continue the series because I do like the writing style and the fun energy. This one just fell short for me. 

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