Deeply moving...A Must Read

Life of the Party - Christine  Anderson

At this moment I have not finished the book yet- I'm at 96%, but I can tell you without finishing that this is one of the most powerfully haunting books I have read in a long while and I have NO IDEA why more people are not reading it and loving it.This is without question a 5 star read-I knew that at 50%. 

Is this an easy read? No. Not at all. Reading about someone spiraling out of control in a drugged out haze is never pleasant-its gritty, raw and pretty gruesome. But its not all bad. The inspiration that comes at the end is beautifully written and wonderfully done. 

This book is seriously amazing! I don't have enough words to properly express how much I loved it. I highly recommend...but make sure you have a box of tissues because your emotions will be left raw. It is powerfully intense and doesn't hold back, you'll feel things you didn't expect to. Enjoy!!

** To all my Kindle reader friends....this is not out as an e-book for Kindle. I bought it on Smashwords and opened it in Kindle.