Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters

Tears of Tess has so much hype surrounding it that I thought for sure I would love it...at the very least, like it. Sorry everyone. I can't even say that I liked it. Aside from the plot having gigantic holes in it, I couldn't connect with Tess at all.

I kept reading in the hopes that something would change. But finally, half way through, I realized that Tess is just one huge moron and she will never change her moronic ways.I just had to face the sad fact that I am going to be among the very few that simply did not get this book. 

Lets start with Tess.This girl could literally talk herself out of breathing. The ENTIRE book from the first page was her going back and forth and back and forth. There was no rest from this insanity. From sentence to sentence she would change her mind-DRASTICALLY! From one extreme to the other.  I.WANTED.TO.KILL.HER.

You cant say that Tess is "strong", a "fighter" than have her act like a total headcase on the inside. I still have no idea what Tess stands for..or who she even is, for that matter. I could not get past this. Her choices in the times of duress where just ridiculous, even if you are "strong" and a "fighter" at some point your brain has to tell you that you need to just CHILL and gather yourself. Nope...not Tess, she would make these dumb decisions than berate herself for making them. And so begins the cycle of the back and forth bullshit. Her relationship with Q was odd....it wasn't believable because the author didn't give me believable characters. She didn't put enough effort into their back story...the epilogue about Q should have been the prologue. At least then some kind of understanding came-but by the end I really didn't care.


And let me just touch on some of the gems that come from this book...


"He maintained the hair down there just like he did his head. A subtle shadow of masculinity without any wildness." - Ummm, glad we could clear that up because I totally expected a bush of wildness. *Gags*


"He never closed his eyes and pale green irises made me feel as if I entered a wood glen where naughty fairy men took advantage of fair maidens." -LOLs girl, LOLs.



Bottom line there just wasn't enough depth for me to care about any of these characters. I know I'm one of the crazy ones that didnt like it, but this book was just not for me.