Ugly Tears ALERT!!

When It Rains - Lisa De Jong


"I've spent two years waiting for the sun, and all I've needed was him. "


When I choose a book to read I usually just read a few sentances of the blurb and see what my friends have rated it...I like to go in to it blind-if I can. Let me tell you...I was blind with this one. I had no idea the emotional toll this story would take.


This is a story of forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love, heartbreaking loss and learning to LIVE.


I am not going to say much because I don't want to give anything away. I will say that at 30% I figured out how the story would go...and usually I am disappointed and lose interest when I do that. BUT this is so well written that I continued on and am glad that I did.


Asher and Kate were beautiful together. Some of their moments were inspiring and some left me gutted...totally emotionally spent.



My biggest issue was the end. I knew that would happen...It just didnt sit well with me. Something about it was really off - I guess I am just conflicted about it. I almost feel it was rushed and didn't need to go in that specific direction so quickly.  Kate and Asher's relationship was developed so well....there were so many feels when it came to them...But to suck Beau in to it and expect me to have any kind of feeling for him....just didn't really happen. I didn't dislike him- I didn't like him...I had zero thoughts when it came to him. Not enough development for me.

I settled on 4 stars because the writing is fantastic, especially when faced with these tough subjects.