A Pound of Flesh...

*Loud sigh*
I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!I seriously feel like I cant read ONE.MORE.WORD. But, I did it! I finished. 




I'm going to keep this short and sweet. This story had tons and tons of potential but became bogged down by the copious amount of sex and just the overall length of the story itself.

Phrases I could do without reading over and over again....Your mine, I'm yours, I'm so close, No, I'm so close.You get the point.

I gave this 4 stars simply because the writing and story is so good. With an editors touch this is no question a 5 star read but at the end...I was just soooooo done with everything because I felt like I had been reading forever. I enjoyed both characters and was soooo thankful that there was no immature game playing etc. It is a great story that just needs to be whittled down a bit.