Awesome debut novel!!

Ignite - R.J. Lewis

My review should just say 


It is that good. Just read it.

Part 1 has ALL the feels. You get Sara instantly. You feel for her, you can identify with her and you want to protect her. So when Jaxon comes along he, just as instantly, becomes that guy (well kid). You cant help but love him. He protected her.



The relationship development is spectacular. Jaxon is just beyond perfection. He, quite simply loves Sara deeply. And on they go building a life together. 


This would be all well and good. The end, happy ever after bitches. But then Sara gets all crazy in her head and things quickly go to shit. I get it. She was young and had issues,but I still wanted to cut a bitch.




Part 2 is just as good. Damn you with the twists, turns and surprises. I have to say- some things I simply did not see coming. Which I LOVE. I loved me some angry Jaxon. The character development was excellent and I appreciated the "realness" of the situation.

I'm not going to write about any spoilers....except this one little thing... Jade-fucking-Smith, Jaxon? Dude, that was low!


Loved the ending and hope Burn delivers because this was a solid 5 stars for me.