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Plump, Fat, Chubby, Curvy....Make it Stop!!!

Perfection: A Neighbor From Hell Novel - R.L. Mathewson

I get it- Your fat and you arent comfortable with it.. Just enough already!


What kind of crap cover is that....

Perfection: A Neighbor From Hell Novel - R.L. Mathewson

Thumbs DOWN!

Wow....Just, WOW!

The Missionary - Jack Wilder

For the record I have read two books by Jasinda Wilder and I was mildly impressed. I read this book not because Jack is her husband, but because I was intrigued by the blurb and I really liked the cover....and guess what? Jack NAILED it!!

This isnt my first rodeo when it comes to reading about human trafficking/sex slavery. Its a gritty subject and some cannot handle it. In my opinion, this is one of the better written books that deal with this subject matter. Sadly, human trafficking is a harsh reality of the world we live in and The Missionary exposes how scary real it is.

The writing is fast paced and superbly executed. Basically, it kicked ass!! I was on the edge of my seat and totally engrossed. While the story may be a bit far fetched-  I was so invested, I didnt care. Plus, we are talking about a ex- Navy SEAL...so, who the hell am I to say what they are capable of?

Now to the players....Stone and Wren (love these names!!). Stone is smoking. Good God, he is an ex-Navy SEAL for f-s sake...'Nuff said!! You cant go wrong with that. He's stoic and totally loveable for the beginning.Wren is a typical college student looking to do some good in this world and things go terribly, terribly wrong.

A few things that I liked the most about this story was by far the vivid descriptions of Manila, Philippines and the surrounding area. He must of spent a ton of time researching and developing and it absolutely comes across to the reader. Kudos!!

Stone & Wren's love story.  He developed their romance in a real, unforced way. The moments they were together were raw, sensual and heartfelt. He wove the romance in nicely with the rest of the action packed, scary as all hell story. I felt their love and their desperation...


The saddest part of the entire story was actually when it ended and I read the authors note...The reality that over 21 million people are enslaved around the world, meaning that there are more slaves today than at any other time in our history. That shit is scary real. The numbers and statistics are staggering. And like Jack said, take time to be the difference.

This is a must read!!


The Missionary - Jack Wilder


On the edge of my seat at 50%...RUUUUUUUN!!!!!


Playing for Keeps - R.L. Mathewson

Hellllooooo Jason Bradford!!....



Simply put, loved it. 

Finally!!! IT'S OVER!!!

Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

Good Lord, I thought that it would never end!! But alas, it did. Convicted started off with a big WTF bang and from that moment it took over 350 pages to finally get to the bottom of it all. Some would say that is good writing, I beg to differ. Once again I have to comment on the unnecessary length of this book...it is absurd and screamed EDITOR!! Too many players, too many plot twists, too many things to remember, too many who dun it's...just too much.

Tony & Claire both have eaten slices out of the Crazy Pie, but it works. They work. How the author was able to make them work was pretty damn good writing. Because seriously their relationship was all sorts of FUBAR'd.

I wouldn't suggest reading this series back to back-its exhausting. Did I enjoy it? Mostly, yes. But damn I'm exhausted. The ending was just a little much...it kept going and going and going...dragged on and on and on...-you get the idea. Just when you thought it was all over...Nah, just playing, one more little twist for ya. Just enough already! I'll give the series as a whole a low 4 star. Its a unique story and it did keep me guessing for the most part. 


Convicted  - Aleatha Romig


Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

Sidenote: I've been looking at everyone's casting for Tony and it's kinda hilarious...Dude, HE'S 50!!!! Yes, he is described as hot and all that jazz...but he is not a 20 something buff dude- HE IS 50. 





Oh yes, This JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

Ok... at 5% and I am stumped.

This is for Claire & Tony...

Truth - Aleatha Romig

Truth.... With truth comes consequences, at least in Claire and Tony's case. The second installment of the Consequences trilogy didn't disappoint.  I have a hard time deciding how I feel about Tony and Claire individually and as a couple, but once again I was sucked in to this mind bending story. Tony can be infuriating one moment and swoon-worthy the next. Every part of me wanted to hate him-like seriously, you are a total creeper hate- but, I just couldn't convince myself to, even after everything he has done. Claire is strong but I also question her judgement and sanity at times...but what is so great about Claire is that she comes across totally human. Even when her decisions make you want to punch something a part of you gets it-gets her-because she is utterly real.

Once again I will complain about the unnecessary wordiness of this installment...at times I was, dare I say, bored. I was practically screaming- GET TO THE POINT. Although Truth felt a little more fast paced than Consequences it was still wordy.

Some moments were predictable, but even when I felt I had all the pieces to the puzzle figured out something would throw me off. That's was kept me invested.

I liked the addition to all the other players....they kept the story moving. 

At the end of Consequences I was 50/50 split between fury and admiration and the same goes for how I felt at the end of Truth. I wont lie, my face kinda looked like this at the end..


That is one crazy bitch...


All in all- I'm looking forward to reading Convicted. 

Truth - Aleatha Romig

I dont even know what to think at 89%

Consequences  - Aleatha Romig

I tend not to read any reviews before I read any particular book, but in this case I did happen to see a few reviews that compared Consequences to Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts. I was intrigued, mostly because I love anything CJ Roberts. In my opinion, there is really no comparison between Captive in the Dark and Consequences. Both the writing style and affect are worlds apart. Anyone looking for a Captive in the Dark comparison-you wont find it in Consequences. That aside, Consequences was a great read. It actually didn't take me too long to figure out what was happening....I didn't have all the pieces put together, but I wasn't blown away at the end. I actually grinned for two reasons 1) Well done Tony, well done! and 2) Well done Claire, well done! Both of these characters are written with exceptional care. There isn't really much I can say without giving it away, the only negative for me was that at times the story seemed to drag with its wordy-ness....but it was all necessary to facilitate the ending. And what a great one it was. Hey, Tony...I have a feeling Claire has got something for ya....




Consequences  - Aleatha Romig

confused photo: Confused Confused.jpg at 47% I dont know what to think anymore!!

Consequences  - Aleatha Romig

at 12%

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