Addicted to You  - Becca Ritchie, Krista Ritchie

** I received a copy of Addicted to You in exchange for an honest review. (I purchased it as well)

This one stumped me and it took me a while to decide on a rating. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. The story itself is unique and hasn't been over done. I have never read a story about a girl who was legit addicted to sex, so for the most part I was intrigued.
Enter Lily. Lily is my biggest issue with this story. She comes across way to self-absorbed, spoiled and a little bit entitled. Yes, her behavior is absolutely trashy and slutty. It just is. She is an sex. You can't be addicted to sex without being slutty. I could get past that-but I couldn't get past her enabling and constant excuses. I couldn't understand why anyone wanted to help her because she didn't have much of a personality and little redeeming qualities. I just couldn't wrap my head around her but most of the time I just wanted her to leave.



I couldn't find it within myself to feel bad for her. As she said, there was no reason for why she did what she did. She started one day because it made her feel good. And that was that. She really never displayed a willingness or want to get better...not until the very last second and then it was like "yeah, OK, I can do this." She just wasn't my cup of tea. Per se.
Lo on the other hand, I liked. He, and the other cast of characters, held the story together for me. He truly displayed a willingness to want to change and become a better person. His character was likeable and I truly wanted to see him succeed. I believed that he loved Lily and wanted to make their relationship work.
The story had its predictable moments- I would have liked a few more surprises, but still, it was well written. The flow was good, not really steamy or hot because Lily always made me feel like everything was so mechanical....a means to an end, so I couldn't get into anything between Lo and Lily. Maybe that was the point.
And let me just say, I loved Conner as a character. He was needed to cut the seriousness of the story. Ryke- it took me about 2.3 seconds and I knew exactly who he was. But still, a good addition.
At the end of the day- I will recommend this book, is it for everyone? Probably not. But its worth the shot. I will also read the sequel because I am curious to see where life has taken them.