One big FAT disappointment!

Perfection: A Neighbor From Hell Novel - R.L. Mathewson
Bah! I wanted to love it, I wanted to swoon- but I didn't. I adored the first book, Playing for Keeps and I went into Perfection hoping to have those same feelings all over again. Yeah, didn't happen. I get the gist of these books, the "message" the author is trying to send. But this time around it was just way too much.Too forced.Trevor is a douche.Sorry, he is. He treats Zoe like crap pretty much the entire first half of the book. That doesn't make me warm and tingly inside. Just a few things that add to his doucheyness-yes, I made up that word especially for him- are when his "buddies" are standing around making fun of Zoe because she is fat and he doesn't say anything because he doesn't want them to think he cares and have them start making fun of him too. Ummm, ok, I'm sorry but I don't know any grown real men that would make fun of a woman because she is overweight. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe it's because we aren't in the 6th grade anymore... Whatever it is, this was extremely shitty of him. It becomes pretty clear to Trevor early on that Zoe is basically starving herself to lose weight. So of course, he says nothing to her about it. He doesn't address it until after she passes out and after his uncle has already talked to her about it. What a guy!! By the way, during this time he's already had sex with her on multiple occasions. He doesn't really acknowledge her in any way outside of the bedroom, which to me, isn't even being a friend. More like being embarrassed to talk to her. So even when their relationship starts to progress I have a hard time buying it. 
My biggest issue is the ridiculous over use of the words "plain", "plump", "curvy", "average" etc. I was so beaten over the head about Zoe's supposed short comings that I started thinking she was a fat dogface.
 It took until 70% for a word like "beautiful" to be used in a positive way to describe Zoe. Even after numerous bouts of hot sex Zoe is still extremely self conscience about Trevor seeing her naked in, the always feared, natural light! Oh the horror!
Her self esteem is non existent and I just feel pretty terrible for her almost the whole book. The author made sure you wouldn't forget that Zoe is totally NOT anything that Trevor would be attracted to and that she indeed is FAT.
Did Trevor redeem himself in the end? Meh, maybe. I just wasn't buying it.
Last little nit picky thing. The covers for this book. The first one is plain and totally generic. The second is displaying a guy and a girl embracing. Her back is pretty much the cover and what do you know... It's toned and not displaying an ounce of fat on it. Ummmm, one of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong.
There was some really cute and funny moments throughout the book. And the Bradford appetite is still staggering. This author knows how to deliver some steamy moments, but all the derogatory thoughts about Zoe's body got in the way. I'll continue the series because I do like the writing style and the fun energy. This one just fell short for me.