Finally!!! IT'S OVER!!!

Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

Good Lord, I thought that it would never end!! But alas, it did. Convicted started off with a big WTF bang and from that moment it took over 350 pages to finally get to the bottom of it all. Some would say that is good writing, I beg to differ. Once again I have to comment on the unnecessary length of this is absurd and screamed EDITOR!! Too many players, too many plot twists, too many things to remember, too many who dun it's...just too much.

Tony & Claire both have eaten slices out of the Crazy Pie, but it works. They work. How the author was able to make them work was pretty damn good writing. Because seriously their relationship was all sorts of FUBAR'd.

I wouldn't suggest reading this series back to back-its exhausting. Did I enjoy it? Mostly, yes. But damn I'm exhausted. The ending was just a little kept going and going and going...dragged on and on and on...-you get the idea. Just when you thought it was all over...Nah, just playing, one more little twist for ya. Just enough already! I'll give the series as a whole a low 4 star. Its a unique story and it did keep me guessing for the most part.