Truth - Aleatha Romig

Truth.... With truth comes consequences, at least in Claire and Tony's case. The second installment of the Consequences trilogy didn't disappoint.  I have a hard time deciding how I feel about Tony and Claire individually and as a couple, but once again I was sucked in to this mind bending story. Tony can be infuriating one moment and swoon-worthy the next. Every part of me wanted to hate him-like seriously, you are a total creeper hate- but, I just couldn't convince myself to, even after everything he has done. Claire is strong but I also question her judgement and sanity at times...but what is so great about Claire is that she comes across totally human. Even when her decisions make you want to punch something a part of you gets it-gets her-because she is utterly real.

Once again I will complain about the unnecessary wordiness of this times I was, dare I say, bored. I was practically screaming- GET TO THE POINT. Although Truth felt a little more fast paced than Consequences it was still wordy.

Some moments were predictable, but even when I felt I had all the pieces to the puzzle figured out something would throw me off. That's was kept me invested.

I liked the addition to all the other players....they kept the story moving. 

At the end of Consequences I was 50/50 split between fury and admiration and the same goes for how I felt at the end of Truth. I wont lie, my face kinda looked like this at the end..


That is one crazy bitch...


All in all- I'm looking forward to reading Convicted.