If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones

Hmmm.... Ok. This book was Fifty Shades of Fucked up. The obvious similarities to FSofG were enough to make me roll my eyes.... REPEATEDLY!!! Brace yourself, the references are borderline obnoxious. I don't understand Sara's fascination with finding Rebecca-you have to overlook the weak story line and try to believe Sara really has some deep seeded need to find her. A need that is totally unexplained, except that its seems like the right thing to do. I didn't buy it. She spent-what?, a minute being a rent-a-detective then got distracted with hot bod Chris.
Chris. Lordie, Lordie, ten times forty. I dont get how Sara can get so caught up in Chris, so quickly. Good grief, how many times does he have to warn you that he is a bad man?
The ending felt contrived just to hook you in to the next one. This story wasn't horrible- its just been done. A lot! And a bit better. I will read the second one just because... Well because. I haven't thought of a great reason yet!