Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1) - Rebecca Donovan I sooo wanted to love this book! But I can't say that I did. I would give it 3.5 stars. What was most difficult for me to get over was the believability of the story. She wasnt raised by her aunt- so why did she never ever fight back? Why did she always take it? I dont think the relationship with her cousins was developed enough for me to believe that she was keeping silent for them. It seemed more obvious to me that her aunt and uncle didnt want her around her cousin's. So how did such a strong bond develop between Emma and them?? Sara never told?? Evan never told?? I guess it made me angry, more than anything. How could you be a best friend and see someone you love with bruises all over their body and contiune to never say anything-but encourage them sneaking around, knowing they would probably pay for that...I just dont buy it.
Emma just never came to life for me. It became a book about a girl that couldnt decide about the boy she wanted to date and if she should tell on the aunt/uncle that are abusive. All the while displaying little to no emotion about everything.
And one more Evan's parents just have absolutly NO PROBLEM with their kid moving across the country in the middle of the school year?? Is that not odd to anyone?? His mother seemed like she was pretty with it, but then to be OK with your 17 year doing that...I DONT GET IT.
The first part of the book was OK for me...almost 3/4 through it did pick up pace, maybe because I just wanted it to be over already.
Can't say I would recommend this. It was just "Eh" for me.