Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Closer to 3.5 stars....this is a hard review to write. Some parts of the book I really really enjoyed and others were so over the top that I had to just roll my eyes. I hate when I feel like humor is being shoveled down your throat and there were plenty of those moments for me...to be honest, without all the over the top forced humor it was a really great story. When she wasn't trying so hard to be sarcastic and in your face funny- there were glimmers of really laugh out loud moments. It felt like a 20 something Sex in the city meets Friends and Ross is screaming " we were on a BREAK!!" for the first half of the book, except Caroline is bitching about her wall being banged and her lack of O and sleep. Cute book, entertaining..but one thing to point out is Honey, Marmalade and sex just don't provide a sexy visual. Sticky gross mess!!!