The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons Starting this book, I had such high hopes. I had heard so many wonderful reviews and I just couldnt wait to start the journey. Someone had told me that it is really not a historical romance even though it does take place in the 1930's-1940's. It is a historical book-the war is just about the main character in the book. The author goes to great lengths to be descriptive and to set the story as best as possible. In the begining this can be a bit tedious- it is very wordy and alot of setup is happening in the first 250 pages. This is just the author's writing style. If you stick with it and dont allow yourself to get bored you will be caught up in an epic romance. TBH touches every emotion you have, you get swept away with Tatiana and Alexander. You feel their pain, their love, their devotion, their struggle, their yearning need-you feel everything.
I was not disappointed at all. I loved this book. I quickly moved on to the second. This is a MUST READ! And dont go into it with the thinking that it will be a quick 1-2-3 happy ending read. This is a true love story that will be told in a series.Cant wait to finish the second!!