The Light in the Wound - Christine Brae Even though I gave it 3 stars, I get why the masses have given it 5. I love this kind of story-is there love after the heartbreak of your first love? Everyone remembers their first love and the amplified emotions that go with it. How could you go wrong with that story?? Well... For me- this story went wrong. I have a few issues with the writing style that left me feeling disconnected from all the characters. Not until about 70% did I feel somewhat invested in them. The prologue sucks you right in and is an excellent opener, but then the follow up feels like one gigantic inner monologue info dump and I just hate that. Pages and pages of info and inner monologue does not help me to connect- it just feels like someone is telling me a story- not something that gets me to care or feel. Show not tell, right??? This was all tell and tell some more oh and wait let me tell you again. This also is the reason I feel that character and relationship development is lacking. I had a hard time understanding Isabel's feelings, actions and reactions. Her personality didn't develop enough for me to understand or really care about her.
Alex is the only character I like. Jesse seemed really douchbaggy the whole time. I couldnt connect to him. At.All. I don't know how I feel about Isabel- she seemed wishy washy and pretty obnoxious.
So this story just didn't work for me. It had potential, but overall just ended up being OK.