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Consequences  - Aleatha Romig

Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2) - Samantha Towle This was so...

This was just so...


Wethering the Storm starts off great for me and I was really enjoying the read, even the addition to Jake's POV was nice...then I saw the predictable drama ball being thrown and I started to cringe and pray to the book gods that it wasn't going to happen. But it did...oh yeah, it totally did...and that's when I lost all interest.

There probably wasn't much Samantha could do if she didn't want to take the "Jake's relapsed" road, which he didn't. So then there is only one predictable drama road left...and yep, she took that one. Even when the big event happened, I just didn't care. I knew everything was going to be fine, so I will admit-I skimmed from about 60% on. Tru's immaturity level bothered me- A LOT too. I guess I expected for her to act a tad bit more grown up... Some parts I was rolling my eyes. But that doesn't make it bad- just, predictable.

I cant complain about the writing, it was executed flawlessly. Its just that the story was a tad on the boring side for me. It ended in sugar coated sweetness and all is now right in the world.

Would I recommend...probably not. I don't think you are missing anything. Sorry!! It was just OK for me.
The Light in the Wound - Christine Brae Even though I gave it 3 stars, I get why the masses have given it 5. I love this kind of story-is there love after the heartbreak of your first love? Everyone remembers their first love and the amplified emotions that go with it. How could you go wrong with that story?? Well... For me- this story went wrong. I have a few issues with the writing style that left me feeling disconnected from all the characters. Not until about 70% did I feel somewhat invested in them. The prologue sucks you right in and is an excellent opener, but then the follow up feels like one gigantic inner monologue info dump and I just hate that. Pages and pages of info and inner monologue does not help me to connect- it just feels like someone is telling me a story- not something that gets me to care or feel. Show not tell, right??? This was all tell and tell some more oh and wait let me tell you again. This also is the reason I feel that character and relationship development is lacking. I had a hard time understanding Isabel's feelings, actions and reactions. Her personality didn't develop enough for me to understand or really care about her.
Alex is the only character I like. Jesse seemed really douchbaggy the whole time. I couldnt connect to him. At.All. I don't know how I feel about Isabel- she seemed wishy washy and pretty obnoxious.
So this story just didn't work for me. It had potential, but overall just ended up being OK.
Escape from Paradise - Gwendolyn Field 3.5/4 stars...As many have said this can be compared to the Dark Duet series. They share the same theme but a very different story. Yes, this is a dark read and obviously if you are planning to read this you need to prepare for it. Overall, this was a well told story with a few interesting twists. There is a sugary sweet semi- HEA, but there also are open ends so I can see where the other book or books will go.
Good - S. Walden Grrrrrr!!!!! Im bummed. I wanted to love this. I really liked Going Under and i was excited to read this. Overall, 2.5 stars. I am conflicted about this book and have lots of unresolved issues with it. First thing that really irritates me is that Mark says he likes or was interested in Cadence because she was mature. Really!? REALLY?????? Im still waiting for her to show her maturity. I could give a dozen examples of how she was so NOT mature! Next, there wasn't enough relationship development. It was more like "this is dangerous"...."I really like you and don't care".... "I've never seen a dick before".... "I love you and will be with you forever". Ummm.... Wait!? Huh? And there were the situations that were totally predictable and as soon as it happened you were like, saw that one coming. I guess I think that if I were in a relationship with my teacher I would be a little more terrified and a hell of a lot more careful. Maybe being more careful and actually educated in relationships would show some maturity? Also, I'm not sure if it was the editing or the writing but I felt like certain events that were pretty important we're glazed over and others too drawn out. Let's not forget when Mark the creep/ teacher fist pumped his bouncer friend because he commented on how it's a score that Mark is dating an underaged girl. See- that's where things went wrong- WAY wrong for me. When reading this kind of plot line the author should be able to make you feel that their love is NOT creepy and the teacher is not a predator or a creep. I felt both these things about Mark. He bought her things to gain her attention and favor and often referred to her as a "cute little thing"- yeah, that's not creepy. AT. ALL. What bothered me the most and something I couldn't get past was when he called her up to the whiteboard and blatantly humiliated her, knowing that she couldn't answer the question. If Mark cared about her the way he said he did- why would he abuse his power over her and do that- if he wasn't some kind of weirdo. I can't get past that.
So with that said, there were some cute moments and glimmers of greatness. There were circumstances that made me laugh. It wasn't all bad. But now to the hard part... The damn cliffy at the end. It wasn't epic at all- but it's there and I'm curious- can the author make Mark likeable? I feel sucked in and I don't want to be- so maybe I'll read the next one. Still undecided.
I love the plot- the danger of the student/ teacher thing... And only one book has succeeded in this arena for me and impressed me. Normally I don't like to mention other books while writing a review, so I won't. *cough* Unteachable *cough*.
Revelry - TeamBella23 I DNF at 47% and I feel like a schmuck. I just got bored with the same stuff over and over. I would rate it 2.5-3 stars, but I won't officially give it a rating because I know Mary is re-working the story, which I will read when complete.
Dusty - YellowBella,  TeamBella23,  YellowGlue 5 stars is a joke for this book- its so much more. I can't process, I'm numb. Review to come later-but one thing I know for sure, this is one of the best books I have EVER read. It sucked me in and made me crave more and more. My gut is twisted, my heart is hopeful and I need more Dusty, like, now!

Ok - so a few days have passed and I realize that there is no way I can write a review that will do any justice to this beautifully written story. I want to be able to eloquently say how powerful it was- but my words aren't enough. I read 1100 pages and would drop everything to read 1100 more. Dusty owns me.
Arsen - Mia Asher I am so totally confused- I have no idea how to rate this story. I don't even think I can. I loved it, I hated it. Parts of it didn't make any sense. I pretty much hated Cathy the entire time- she is such a head case for most of the book that I got angry just reading her thoughts. Arsen wasn't lovable until the very end and then I even question that. It was really hard for me to believe that at 23 Arsen is capable of empathizing and grasping how truly devastating a miscarriage can be. Im just really at a loss for words.
When we got glimpses of Ben and Cathy's past it was easy to see that even then Cathy was insecure and immature. Who dances with her boyfriends best friend just to make him jealous? If she was 15 I would understand. I want to shake her and tell her to grow up. It's like she never grasped how lucky she was to have Ben, who is so completely in love with her, even back then. At times she just seems utterly self absorbed as if she is the only one hurting and experiencing loss. Hello? What about Ben?
I don't think there is ever a real reason given for Cathy cheating- other than she just does. She is totally shut down and needs professional help, like pronto! And that's when she becomes kinda creepy obsessed with Arsen. The sex between them really made want to throw up in my mouth because I really didn't like either of them. Like. At.all! It all felt so dirty.

Throughout the book Ben was the voice of reason. Finally he said everything I was hoping he would. He was totally lovable. In a nutshell: Cathy made me want to stick needles in my eyes most of the time. Arsen didn't have very many qualities that would make him endearing at any level. The story overall was interesting and well... I guess that's the best I can do. Maybe 2-4 stars? This book will make you feel one way or another.
Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin 4.5 stars! Really enjoyed this- I didn't think I would, not because of the dark undertones but because some parts seemed really unrealistic. But the story gripped me and kept me guessing. Super enjoyable and kept my heart pounding almost the whole way. I would recommend!
Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken Heartwarming story, great supporting cast and really witty light hearted banter. I gave it 4 stars- a few typos and overall I would have enjoyed a bit more romance.
Falling Into Us - Jasinda Wilder Just didn't love it. Felt the beginning was too drawn out- I lost interest. I skimmed the last 7 chapters, I just didn't care enough. Everything was so predictable. I was just bored for most of the book, everything that happened I saw coming. 3 stars is being generous.
Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder I enjoyed it overall. The second meeting between Colton and Nell was weird and the beginning was a little off for me, but as the story progressed I started to get into it. I would recommend.
Unteachable - Leah Raeder Wow. Just wow! I'm speechless. Beautifully written, exquisitely raw, powerful and heartbreaking. Loved. Every. Word.
Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas Loved it!! Great read. Tate was a great character- I loved the way she handled Jared. I read a review that said there was little to no character development and I am still scratching my head about that one. I thought that the author did a great job with character development and an even better job with a sensitive topic. Totally would recommend!
The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen 3.5 stars. I took a star off simply because I felt everything got rushed at the end, no real conclusion to anything.The half star off was because of the numerous grammar errors. I really liked the first book and have been looking forward to this one for a while. I don't want to say that I am disappointed because overall the story was pretty good, but I feel cheated a little bit and I guess that's because I felt this was lacking. Maybe that is the point because apparently there is a 3rd book or novella to complete the series. Which is just annoying!!! I loved Kayden's POV and enjoyed that the most I think. I just don't understand how an author could leave us with such a huge cliffhanger in the first book and then follow it up with this?? This should have been epic and sadly it was just meh!
The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz Now THAT is some fantastic writing!!!! The ability to take such a taboo subject and infuse it with moments of profound emotion on all levels is true greatness. I love how we can be right in the middle of a tense moment and a few sentences later you are literally laughing out loud. Nora is just such a perfect character, her wittiness and sarcasm mixed with her vulnerability and power make for some really great one liners. The Mistress was beyond enjoyable- it must be read. It made me love Soren, undeniably. Loved it! Can't wait for the rest of the series. Favorite book of the summer!!

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